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Increasing staff absenteeism, stress and anxiety is something that faces many UK organisations, ultimately affecting their productivity and profitability.

In today’s climate there is a need for both organisations and individuals to increase their resilience. Resilience is linked to your ability to cope with change and stress, how you absorb disruption in your life and manage emotions.

Through a process of dissemination, and utilisation of techniques including Inter-Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, MBD equips you and your staff with the ability to deal with the increased challenges of globalisation, automation and relentless pressure.

MBD uses a range of tools and skills that help significantly reduce and if not, eradicate these modern-day obstacles to performance. 

MBD’s key focus areas are:

As a training and development professional myself, I would not only recommend MBD but would actively encourage anyone reading this to just ask her when they are available to deliver!
— Russell Overy, Director at Six Delta Solutions

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In addition to this, MBD provides Corporate Retreats in the beauty of the Lake District, where executives can regain balance over a 2 day programme. It is scientifically proven* that being amongst nature reduces stress, relaxes the mind, significantly enhances sleep and recharges the batteries.                                                                                                   

MBD’s Services include:

  • Consulting & Counseling
  • Mindfulness
  • Lake District Retreats
  • Corporate Training Programmes
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Executive Coaching

(*World Health Organisation)